Privacy Policy

Information collected and used

* Your customer information (email, phone, business name, first and last name of contact, address, postal code, country and VAT number) are stored when you become a customer. This information allows us to bill you.

* If you paid using our online service, we also store the last 4 digits of your card. The full details of your credit card is stored by our payment provider Stripe (the world leader in online payment).

* You have the option to request the deletion of your data and the above information at any time (except data required y fiscal tracking rules, like your invoices).

* The Privacy Policies and GDPR referral contact for our services is: Wayne Priem

Data Storage and Backups

* The storage of collected data (see 'Information collected and used') is done in a database.

* We made one backup every week. Only 4 weeks are kept.

Software Protection

* Our services runs on Linux Ubuntu systems and software. They benefit from regular security updates when the operating system editor (Ubuntu Canonical) publishes them.

* Our services are accessible in HTTPS (HTTP encrypted) only, encrypted with SHA256 certificates.

* Our technical platform are protected by various solutions.

Data theft

* In case of suspicion of a theft of the data we have collected (see first point 'Information collected and used'), customers will be informed by email, at email corresponding to their customer account.